“Hansik Pairing” at Soju Haus

“Hansik Pairing” at Soju Haus

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Korean Food Foundation (KFF) hosted a fermentation-themed food and drink pairing reception presenting Korean rice wine Makgeolli cocktails with Bossam, a pork-belly based dish on October 20, 2014 from 5 – 7 PM at a trendy bar and restaurant Soju Haus. Promoting the culture and benefits of fermentation in Korean cuisine, KFF showcased the pairing of food and drinks based on ingredients crafted through fermentation.

The reception presented two types of Makgeolli cocktails by mixologist Juno Moon, in ginger and yuzu flavors. Makgeolli is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from rice or wheat, and is also known as Korean rice wine. The milky-colored liquor has been gaining increasing international recognition and popularity in recent years. Juno Moon’s Makgeolli cocktails showcased the tastes of Korean fermentation with an added modern twist.

Paired with the Makgeolli cocktails, Bossam and Ssamjang by Chef Sungchul Shim were served. Chef Shim’s Bossam presented flavors of fermentation through pork belly braised for 6 hours in doenjang, the fermented Korean soy bean paste.

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