NYC Wine Week Presented by CBS New York

NYC Wine Week Presented by CBS New York


November 9-13, 2015

Brought to you by CBS New York, NYC Wine Week is yet another five days of $4 dollar deals, but this time is taking place at all of your favorite vino venues across three boroughs. Meaning for five days, Monday, November 9- Friday, November 13th, you’ll be able to savor and sip your way not only across Manhattan, but Brooklyn and Queens as well.

While you enjoy NYC Wine Week, feel free to go get a glass of $4 Pinot Grigio with your friends in Green Point on Monday before going for a glass of Merlot with some coworkers in Midtown on Wednesday, and then end your week with a $4 Sauvignon Blanc in Sunnyside with your sister on Friday. Plus, you’ll also get to enjoy some perfectly paired appetizers as well, which sounds like a pretty good way to spend a week in November.

Not only is this fantastic event super affordable at the cost of just $25, but if you buy your ticket before October 12, you’ll get the added bonus of special early bird pricing, which will help save a few extra dollars too.

So instead of heading home after work with a case of the winter-is-coming blues, indulge your inner sommelier with a ticket to NYC Wine Week to enjoy affordable wines and appetizers all week long. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these 5 days of $4 deals.

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