2017 Time Out New York Asian Fusion Fest

2017 Time Out New York Asian Fusion Fest

The Asian Fusion Festival hosted on February 18th was an incredible event that showcased a variety of delectable tasting menus brought together by top Asian restaurants in New York. Sponsored by Tsingtao and collaborated with Chefs Society by SB Groupe, The 2017 Asian Fusion Festival attracted more than 2,400 guests  to experience the creative recipes presented by a total of seven vendors : Soju Haus, miss KOREA BBQ, Maui Onion, The Chinese Club, Streets Restaurant, Laut and Chef Stephen Yen. The event took place at Slate NY and consisted of two different sessions : 12-2pm and 3-5pm. (Photos ©Zinno Park/SB GROUPE).

mK Time Out NY_SNS_023mK Time Out NY_SNS_025Of the many participating vendors, miss KOREA BBQ, a traditional Korean royal court cuisine, exhibited three distinctive dishes (Clay Pot Galbi, Spicy Pork Bulgogi and Tteokbooki) that successfully introduced the Korean cuisine to the participating guests.

mK Time Out NY_SNS_004mK Time Out NY_SNS_006Soju Haus, another popular Korean restaurant located in Korea town, also presented an unique menu made of Soy braised Pork Rib and Muchim Salad, at the event. Moreover, Streets Restaurant satisfied the audience by serving Bulgogi tacos, a taco made of Korean BBQ steak.

SojuhausTime Out NY_SNS_008Not only Korean food but Maui Onion, a famous poke bar in NYC, also featured three distinct tasting menus (Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna and Tuna Tataki), successfully catering to differing tastes of audience. Other menus including egg rolls, dumplings and noodles were provided by Chef Stephen Yun, Laut and The Chinese Club.

Maui Time Out NY_SNS_005Maui Time Out NY_SNS_016In fact, the Asian Fusion Festival allowed guests to indulge in diverse food options all throughout Asia, while dancing to DJ K.LIM’s live tunes and enjoying the Chinese lion dance.

mK Time Out NY_SNS_039mK Time Out NY_SNS_065The ticket to the Asian Fusion Festival also consisted of a unlimited Tsingtao beer, New Year Tsingtao cocktails called Peppered Punch, and other photo booth fun. Guests were also exposed to a chance to enjoy virtual- reality technology by YouVisit, Tattly’s innovative water sponge tattoos, and a free copy of Time out magazine.

As a result, this incredible event was able to generate a lot of in both Snapchat and Instagram with a following hashtag : TIMEOUTNEWYORK and @TSINGTAO. Asian Fusion Festival was indeed a best way to celebrate the Chinese New Year by reveling in a deliciously authentic Asian-inspired cuisine.

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