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About Chefs Society

About Chefs Society: Experience the Collaborative Power of Fermentation Food Culture

Learn about Chefs Society, a culinary organization based in New York City. Made up of a network of inspired chefs and talents, the organization is focused on progressing culinary culture through the development of fermentation—especially that of Korean fermentation—in American gastronomy.

Endorsed by Chef Daniel Boulud and led by Seolbin Park, culinary mentor and consultant, Chefs Society aims to share new ideas, recipes, flavors, and experiences with the world. Chefs Society’s members are united under a single cause of working toward the greater good.

Chefs Society works through all aspects of culture in bringing Korean fermentation to the forefront of the culinary world. We partner with the industry’s top organizations, individuals, events, media, and more. From working with influential chefs to the nation’s biggest food festivals, we focus on efficient collaboration in the production of original contents. Chefs Society hosts Korean fermentation festival (Jang Festival) regularly in the United States and also operates K-Sool.com, Korean traditional alcoholic beverages.