Koreatown: A Cookbook by Chef Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

Koreatown: A Cookbook by Chef Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

The Entire K-towns in America Can be in the Palm of Your Hand!

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There are six major Koreatowns in the United States (In New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). In order to explore all the K-towns in America to experience Korean culture, you can travel all the cities and spend thousands of dollars OR you can simply read Koreatown: A Cookbook, co-written by Chef Deuki Hong and Writer Matt Rodbard.

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Chef Deuki Hong (right) is one of the hottest chefs in New York’s Koreatown. He is currently an Executive Chef of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in Manhattan’s Koreatown and Momofuku/Jean-Georges alum. Matt Rodbard (left) is a Food Republic contributing editor who has written many magazine and online features about restaurants, chefs, drinks, cooking and travels for a long time. Because co-authors, Chef Deuki Hong and Writer Matt Rodbard, have different backgrounds, they bring different perspectives of Korean food to the book (insider vs outsider).

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Koreatown: A Cookbook is a unique type of cookbook. It is a trailblazing book that demystifies the cuisine of fire and fermentation. It features nearly 100 recipes, cooking techniques, essays, profiles and documentary-style photography focusing on many of the unfamiliar aspects of Korean food, drink and culture. They spent over two years traveling to the K-towns of America, studying and interviewing over 100 chefs and business owners. When they got back in New York City, they came up with recipes that “reflect traditional home and restaurant cooking – translated with historically rich (and entertaining) notes and easy-to-follow directions.” It features interesting travel essays and interviews with renowned people on Korean American food culture. Rodbard said the book will explore “Korean food in America, in both traditional settings (the food of K-towns in Los Angeles, New York and beyond), as well as in the kitchens of non-Korean chefs.” Simply, Koreatown: A Cookbook is an invaluable cookbook for people who want to know about how to prepare and where to find delicious Korean food. The entire K-towns in America can be in the palm of your hand.

Koreatown: A Cookbook was released on Feb 16, 2016 , and it is already #1 Best Seller in Amazon, International Cooking, Food & Wine. Also, the responses and reviews have been absolutely incredible! Readers seem to love their beautiful documentary-style photography by Sam Horine and Gabi Porter, the cultural study of K-town and Koreans in America, and easy-to-follow directions.

So, would you travel the cities or read Koreatown: A Cookbook? Experience it for yourself to see where Koreatown: A Cookbook will take you!

(photo: koreatowncookbook.com)
(photo: koreatowncookbook.com)
(photo: koreatowncookbook.com)

Find more about Koreatown: A Cookbook here.

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