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Matt Bruck

Matt Bruck began writing about food as a kid and has never stopped. Formative years in San Antonio pushed his native New Yorker’s palate toward spicy & Mexican; his student projects were dominated by food explorations. Teenage years in his grandfather’s tavern shaped his views of hospitality and humor. At Stanford, as an Honors English major and literary magazine editor, he began to write seriously about eating and drinking.

Since college, Matt has continued to write, crafting and delivering stories as the public face of startups, funds, global companies, restaurants and non-profits. Also trained as an economist and lawyer, he has written seriously on finance and business strategy issues– but his love of flavor keeps bringing him back to the world of food & drink. Currently, Matt is CEO of Joios, where he collects consumer preference data to advise food & beverage producers on their products and pitches. He also runs EatersDrinkers, a community and event producer responsible for hundreds of whimsical tasting and pairing events.

Matt holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, a JD from Boston University and a BA from Stanford University.

Sherry Tao

Sherry Tao (Kangheng Tao) is an expert food columnist and the author of A Bite of NYC (吃透你了,纽约), a food guide book released in the summer of 2015. The book, which discusses different culinary traditions in New York City as seen through a Chinese foodie’s eyes, is one of the best selling food guide books in China. She currently writes for SinoVision, the biggest Chinese media company in North America, and her articles receive over a million impressions on the website every month. She has extensively covered Korean cuisine available throughout New York, with a focus on Korean fermentation. Sherry Tao loves the fermented Korean rice wine Makgeolli, and is currently working on her second book.

Edgar Vaudeville

Edgar Vaudeville is a food and beverage expert with vast experience in the culinary field. Entering the industry as a chef, he moved on to manage, promote, and offer consulting services for many esteemed restaurants, hotels, and establishments.

After sharing his knowledge as an editor at Food and Wine, he is now working in management at Chefs Club by Food and Wine New York.

Pamela Morgan

Pamela Morgan is a chef, culinary instructor, consultant, event planner, cookbook author, and an expert on food—with over 30 years of industry experience. From 1984 to 2000, Pamela Morgan was president of her own catering company, during which she catered for clients including BIll Clinton, Martha Stewart, HBO, and Chanel. In 1994, she opened Flavors Catering & Carry-Out in the Flatiron District—a successful venture that was eventually sold. Currently, she is the owner of Flirting With Flavors, a culinary event company that hosts private events and cooking parties. She hosts customized events at her elegant private venue, which includes an outdoor terrace overlooking Central Park.